"Hurry! I need to relax!"

Massage TherapyI’ve just received Nadine’s comment and she says it just so perfectlly… I had a weird tender smile on my face while reading it. She expresses exactly what I felt when I received my first spa treatment ever, some 15 or 16 years ago, at Spa Eastman. I needed to relax so badly that the first treatments were almost hurting me, if not annoying me.

I had been living a stressful life, having to behave like an achieved business woman while a was just out of school, and this spa vacation was a “nowhere trip” dedicated to… save my life I guess (even though I did not knew at that time!). I ended up at Spa Eastman, having no idea what I was about to experiment. Back in 1992, spa vacations were not known as they are today. In brief, I first wanted to stay for 2 nights. At the end of the second day, I felt totally panicked knowing that I would have to leave the next day: I wasn’t relaxed at all, treatments were just starting to feel good and I was fighting with a terrible headache (which was probably just fighting with the relaxation attack!). I added a 3rd night. My “stiffness” (let’s make it simple even though it was a lot worst then just a muscular problem) started to soften on the 3rd day only.

So reading Nadine’s comment today brought me back to this first experience and I felt like sharing it.

It’s true that Californian massage is not the strongest massage on earth. But as Nadine mentioned to the therapist her upper-back needed help, the therapist seems to have concentrated her effort on that region. The effects of a true professional massage has a deeper and longer effect than we can imagine. Even though the legs massage seemed softer, I do not doubt it still had an global effect Nadine probably felt only the next day. One thing we must always be aware of: while receiving a massage, we must express our preferences to the therapist. We can ask the massage to be a little stronger, as we may want it to be softer. Then, the massage therapist can adjust the pression so we can enjoy the experience itself. But in any case, don’t worry, the therapeutic effects of the massage are there and do their work!

I’m in a hurry this morning (we can change but… not that much!) so I’ll stop right here without even re-reading my self. Sorry about my accent! But I’ll get back soon with a post about the global effect of Destination Spa Vacations. If you don’t want to miss it, click on the RSS feed button on the right side of this page or join our Facebook Group (find the direct link in one of my previous post).

And again, Nadine, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure that your next experiences will be better and better. Of course, staying a few days in the global atmosphere and program of activities of Spa Eastman helps the general effects of all the treatments but, we can’t do this all the time.

Now, I better get ready. I have a meeting in Eastman later this morning and I’m still in front of my computer in Oka. After all… we never learn!


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3 Responses to “"Hurry! I need to relax!"”

  1. It’s nice hearing about your experience. However, when a person is tense and needs a massage, the first massage should do the trick. It should not be a process of “i’ll relax after the third massage”. It just felt like my body, including my lower back, were just being pressed too lightly! It feels like I needed more.. Anyways, like you said, it was probably my responsibility to let the therapist know if I wanted it softer or stronger.. It was an experience :) and your staff is extremely hospitable. Thank you.

  2. Nadine, thanks for getting back to me. It gives me a chance to apologize… ’cause I definitely should have taken a moment to re-read myself before publishing this post!

    You are right: one of the first thing we are looking for in a massage is relaxation and one massage should do the job. In my particular case, I was in such a bad condition when I went to Spa Eastman for the first time that it took me 3 treatments only to get comfortable being touched (I really was “this close” to the burn out). I was like a rope with too many tight knots: it took lots of tries (and lots of patience from the therapists!) to untie the mess! That’s why the entire program offered at Spa Eastman was so important to me and that’s why I needed it to last a little longer.

    And here is want I wanted to say to you at the end of my message (even though it came out wrong!): I really hope that your next experience will be more enjoyable and that it will help you feel the relaxation you were looking for!

    Best regards,


  3. Spas are great to manage into your weekly routine. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, taking some time out of your busy life to relax the body. Along with a weekly spa visit your body also needs proper diet and nutrition to stay healthy. There are many natural remedies available that are primarily assorted mixtures of herbs and vitamins. All of this along with some essential oils and hydrosols introduced into your lifestyle can lead to a more healthier and balanced life.

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