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Lucie Octeau experienced her first stay at Spa Eastman in 1993. At that time she was working in the public affaires department of a business people association in Montreal and had never heard of anything akin to a spa vacation. Nevertheless, she quickly warmed up to the idea. Not long after her stay, Lucie quit her fast-paced job down town and came to work in communications at Spa Eastman. Our collaboration lasted for a year when Lucie started her own communications agency. Since then, throughout many engagements and mandates, besides our professional relationship we have always maintained a close friendship. Since 2002, Lucie Octeau has written all of our texts, brochures and press releases.

Lucie is now our Community Manager; she takes care of this blog, of our Facebook Pages, Twitter account, FlickR, LinkedIn and other social network. She has carte blanche to entertain you with whatever pleases her. In other words, I will be reading her posts at the same time you will without prior approval. With the arrival of this new blog, Lucie plans to invite special guests to blog to. We will introduce them to you as they join in.

Jocelyna Dubuc
President General Director
Spa Eastman

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  1. My husband and I love Spa Eastman! It has activities for those who are interested in fitness and those who just want to relax. The food is great and the ambience is so wonderful-the fireplace, the views, the personnel, and of course, Jocelyna, who makes you feel welcome each time as if you were visiting in her home.
    All in all, a perfect getaway!

  2. Bonjour Bev,
    It’s always a pleasure to receive you and your husband. Thank you for your comment, it’s really appreciated!

  3. Nadia Pellecchia Reply 26. Apr, 2011 at 1:09 am

    My boyfriend surprised me with a 2 day stay at Spa Eastman. Overall, our experience was quite healthy and relaxing. We found staff to be very amicable and helpful and the ambiance was quite calming. The food was fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they considered having options for those like me that have a gluten allergy. Our room was small but cute and cozy and had all that we needed. However, there were some things that I was disappointed in and I think that this could bring improvement to the place. The check-in time was extremely late (4pm) and felt the day was already over when we arrived. I am not sure if we could have taken advantage of some of the facilities having arrived earlier until our room would have been ready, but no one gave my boyfriend this info when he reserved so i am still doubtful. In the dining area, it was nice to have a variety of healthy foods such as sprouted greens, milled seeds, etc but I would have liked to read up on some of the benefits they bring in order to enjoy them in our life once having left the spa. As for the facilities, it was disappointing knowing that there was no sauna and despite the beautiful hot tubs there wasn’t really much established areas to be able to relax outdoors. The pond and an upstairs terrasse were the only spots finding it difficult to take advantage of the baths while sitting in the sun. Lots of construction is going under way but there was no reduction in price as my assumption would be that there will be assigned seating as the projects come to completion. Overall, I found that the organization lacked a solid unity. There was no flow from a client’s standpoint in how things should unravel for the 2 days that we were there. It all seemed like separate entities and was too amateur for me no matter where we went in the spa. I found that there wasn’t much variety in classes/workshops being offered. I am a personal trainer and was looking for a fitness weekend and aside from my boyfriend and i going for a run ourselves there was only an introductory pilates class that we attended. I would have enjoyed seeing daily yoga or meditation or some intense trainings as you have kinesiologists on duty. For the price we are paying I would have expected more and overall I am unsure i would like to spend that money again. There are a lot of spas out there especially closer to Montreal and so competition is tough but when you are not even offering what the others do and are charging much more, I find it difficult to keep clients coming again and again. I hope you understand.

  4. Dear Madam:

    Thank you so much for your comments!We are delighted to read that you appreciated your experience and that you found it healthy and relaxing.

    We are also happy to see that you so enjoyed the food. We really take a precious care to offer delicious and healthy food for everyone, for every taste and for every need. That way, people with a gluten allergy, like you, can still take full advantage of our Chef’s talent!

    Concerning your comment about our activities, we usually hold 2 to 3 yoga and/or meditation sessions per week and our meditation walk takes place daily at 9:30. I understand that the information probably was not made clear upon your arrival or in our welcoming documentation. We’ll make sure it’s now indicated in a better way.

    We have a great team of professionals in our fitness-kinesiology service. Your comment invites us to reconsider some of our activities in order to give our clientele a better chance to take full advantage of their expertise.

    We have taken into account all of your comments and see them as an opportunity to reach the highest standard of service.

    Please know that we really hope to have a chance to welcome you again in a near future in order to be able to meet all of your expectations and then some.

    Thank you once again for your precious comments.

    Manon Drapeau

  5. Dear Jocelyna,

    Having “met” Lucie on Twitter, and having several short, but memorable conversations with her, I think that your community will be greatly enhanced with Lucie’s expertise, plus her engaging and approachable manner.

    Bravo! Félicitations!

    To loosely quote Casa Blanca, “… the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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