Named among World's Top-10 Spas for Best Environmental Practices

SpaFinder Inc, the global spa resource, has announced that Spa Eastman has been named among the top-10 best spas in the world for “Best Environmental Practices” in its seventh-annual SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards. Based on votes submitted by readers of SpaFinder publications, including, the awards represent the most comprehensive consumer assessment of the global spa market available today. Over 360,000 votes were cast for favorite spas by continent, country, region and across 27 categories. Voters were asked to only cast ballots for stay spas they’ve personally visited within the past three years.

Spa Finder's Readers Choice Award

“After seven years of enthusiastic consumer participation, our Readers’ Choice Awards have become the industry’s premier award program – the spa world’s answer to the Academy Awards,” said SpaFinder, Inc. President Susie Ellis. “Now that there are roughly 15,000 hotel, resort and destination spas operating worldwide, for Spa Eastman to be singled out by our readers is a tremendous honor.”

Spa Eastman and Sustainable Development: A Natural Alliance!
“The challenge of sustainable development now goes far beyond organic gardening. In the last few years, our management and operations have been closely examined. As a result, several changes have been implemented and we are especially committed to pursuing these efforts to lessen our ecological footprint. It’s part of our mission” says President Jocelyna Dubuc.

Spa Eastman’s waste management program diverts over 23 metric tons from landfills, which represents an 81% recycling rate. The implementation of the 3RV (reduction, reinvestment, recycling & validation) is done systematically and the results are two-fold. Spa Eastman has adopted a program aiming on a constant evolution towards the achievement of balance in environmental, social and economic issues. It is based on 140 specific actions and has 24 objectives linked to sustainable development: greenhouse gas reduction, reinvestment, community, ethics and economic development.

Since its opening 32 years ago, Spa Eastman has gained international recognition for its commitment to promoting sound life habits in order to improve clients’ overall, long-lasting health. It’s an original and unique facet of sustainable development that we are all really proud of!

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3 Responses to “Named among World's Top-10 Spas for Best Environmental Practices”

  1. That’s awesome! Way to go! It’s obvious how hard you all have worked.

  2. Thanks Madison! We’re really proud of this Reader’s Choice Award. Being among the Top-10 for our environmental practices means a lot to us! Spa Eastman has been working on sustainable health since 1977 and we are now honored for our sustainable development program; it’s great!

  3. How to qualify this comment. Anybody reading this has already been to a spa somewhere and has already formed an opinion of what they want and need from a spa. This one is the best, period! I don’t care where you come from.

    I have, year after, year sent, as Executive Director of the Orford Arts Centre, some of the most difficult and discriminating clients from the four corners of the world and each of them, without exception, returns hoping for a massage, a stay, a meal…anything at the Spa Eastman.

    This is an exceptional place and one that you must not pass by in your search for the “best spa”. You have it right here!

    The view, the exceptional rooms, the food, the wine card, the hammam, the slow walks, you name it, its there. Winter and summer, this is the place and again, I’ve seen a lot of them! There’s a reason they have won all of the top prizes and world recognition.

    And don’t just spend the night…a week is heaven!

    Do not miss the opportunity. Spa Eastman…I’d send my Mother here!

    Davis Joachim

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