So how was your stay?

You’ve been to Spa Eastman recently? Was it your first experience? How was it? What did you like the most?

Unless it was not your first visit at all… Maybe it now is your annual pilgrimage and you were there for the 4th… maybe 7th time? What keeps you coming back to Spa Eastman?

Tell us about it. Leave a comment to this post. I can’t wait to read your stories!

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20 Responses to “So how was your stay?”

  1. My recent visit to Spa Eastman was delightful. Such a beautiful, tranquil place to spend a few days devoted to healthful eating, fitness activities and rejuvenating treatments. I was doing the Fitness and Relaxation package and I really got a lot out of it. Stephanie was great in helping me put together a workout routine that I could do at home and fit easily into my busy schedule. I also enjoyed her water aerobics class.

    I was staying at the Maison Canadienne which I liked very much. I usually had the common room to myself and enjoyed the beautiful view from the great easy chair by the window. I spent a little time there each day reading. So blissfully quiet. I enjoyed the short walk through the garden each day to the main building for meals, treatments, and activities. Thanks for providing umbrellas for those rainy days! The grounds were lovely, and I really appreciated all the places to sit outside.

    I was fortunate to meet a very nice and compatible woman–Lynda from New Jersey–and we bonded immediately. We had a great time at the English movies each night, and shared most of our meals together. The staff was great, even letting us pick the movie for the night since we were the only 2 there. I especially enjoyed the night we celebrated Lynda’s birthday with champagne!

    The food was wonderful. I loved the soups, the salads, the appetizers, and the delicious entrees. Great to have healthy foods so well prepared and nicely presented. I hope to come back again someday when time and money permit. I am a bit of a spa junkie and have been to several in the US–this was my first spa visit to Canada. Spa Eastman compares very favorably with others I have been to and is a real value. Thanks for such a relaxing vacation.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I am glad to read about your experience. I’ve had the chance to get my own personal training program too, carefully prepared by the kinesiologist according to my schedule but, moreover, to my tastes. I hope you’ll be able to stick to it for a while.

    I’ll post a little article, later today, concerning the importance of motivation when it’s time to train… I think you’ll enjoy it.

    I’m pretty sure Lynda still comes to this blog once in a while. Let’s all keep in touch and share our “faithfullness” to our resolutions!


  3. Where is my review Reply 11. Jan, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    I guess negative reviews are removed? I put mine up early today and now it is magically taken down.

  4. Hi,

    Sorry you had to think I was making a selection of the messages I received. Unfortunalely, holding a blog like this forces me to “approve” all the messages coming in because blogs comments get hundreds of spam (selling all kind of pills or suggesting all sorts of photos sites that you don’t want to hear about (trust me!)). I usually to this a couple of times a day and that’s when I “approve” real messages concerning Spa Eastman, no matter if they are positive or not.

    But for the first time in a loooong time, I wasn’t home Saturday and Sunday so I did not check the comments until this morning… Sorry about the delay. By the way, your message is in the other category of posts, “Reviews & opinions”…

    I already thank you for your message. With your authorization, I would like to contact you directly (you did not leave an e-mail address, as requested) and get more information about your experience (the date of your visit and the name of the aestetician). You could also simply leave another comment with these information, and this new message is not be published on the blog. I’ll wait for your answer.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to write about your experience.


  5. Hi,

    On December 14th to December 19th, 2008, I offered a ‘Bring a friend’ promotion to my son who is 25 years old. Initially, I was not sure he would go for 5 nights at a SPA. He is a very energetic individual who is always in motion.

    My son decided, in the summer months, to keep a week vacation just for me, so that we could spend some quality time together. I was thrilled and honoured that he asked me to spend a week with him.

    Living in Toronto for the last 4 years has made me tremendously homesick and in need of some serious TLC.

    Needless to say, when I presented him with the idea, his response was, ‘As long as I’m with you Mom, I don’t care where we spend the week’. I love that child !! What Mother would not want to hear a comment like!

    The first couple days, I was selfish in wanting to have my son only to myself, so we did not mingle very much.

    As the week progressed, not wanting my son to become bored, I initiated convesation with one person, then two, then we met some absolutely fabulous people and ended up in a group of 8 people.

    Being amongst only mature women, I thought that my son would eventually drift off somewhere to find male companionship, but true to his mantra, ‘I’m a Mama’s boy and proud to be’, he made me so proud and happy that he was willing to share my world and absolutely enjoyed talking to the other ladies. Who, by the way, adored and spoiled him at every turn.

    My son enjoyed the scenary, the food, the massages, the workshops, well, the whole experience. Best of all, he made the committment to stop smoking and has been smoked free since he left the SPA.

    The informative workshop on nutrition and health, the steam bath and nutrious foods were a great starter. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to stop smoking to take some time at the SPA and detox the body -

    My son’s has mentioned to me a few times that had he not gone to the SPA, he would have had a harder time to stop the cravings. The fact of detoxifying has left him with little desire to smoke and he is managing being smoke free a lot better.

    My love has always been unconditional for my sons. Having had this opportunity to spend quality time with one of my sons was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.

    Thank you SPA Eastman for the excellent meals, professional staff, great workshops and best of all, for attacting good people to your corner of the Universe and making it accessible for all.

    A happy Mom,


  6. Wow! Doreen! What a lovely message!

    While reading your message (hardly ’cause you made me cry!), I could feel this atmosphere that makes Spa Eastman so special to me.

    You must be a fantastic mother to have such fantastic sons! Thank you for sharing your story.


  7. My husband and I have been to Eastman at least twice a year for the last 3 years. We marvel at how we feel the calm serenity of the Spa by just stepping through the front doors. My husband enjoys the “down” time of massages, Hammam, walks and some exercise and I enjoy the work-outs, walks and manicure/pedicures. Each of us has found our niche. We love the informality of wearing robes and sitting in front of the fireplace as if you were in your own livingroom. You hear restful music . You are free to chat with others or not, but everyone whispers! The food is superb-tasty, healthy, plentiful and beautifully presented. The staff is attentive, caring but not intrusive. We wish everyone could experience this paradise. We look forward to each return visit. Keep doing exactly what you are doing-we love it!

  8. We were back again last week-end for our annual Fall get away at Eastman as we have been doing for the last 10 years. What a great way to de-compress and re-charge our batteries before the winter months. We continue to be impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the activities offered. ….and the healthy gourmet meals are delicious! It’s such a nice touch to see the recipes offered alongside the buffet.

  9. Throw off the winter blahs at Spa Eastman!

    In the dead of winter, all I want to do is curl up and watch movies, but the enthusiastic staff at Spa Eastman encouraged my boyfriend and I to partake in as many activities as possible… and we did!

    Highlights included:
    - the early morning nature walk (such a gorgeous setting and the kinesiologist who led the walk really got us thinking about our movements)
    - the delicious local wine
    - the roaring fire in the main lounge where we played chess and toasted ourselves on being clever enough to visit Spa Eastman
    - the luxurious maple facial I received

    But the very BEST experience was our Polar Bear Swim. Yes, seriously! It took all the courage I had to run from the steam room out to the freezing cold lake and take a dip, but it felt fabulous… so fabulous that we did it twice! It was close to minus 20 degree celcius that night and the moon was almost full — an unforgettable experience and one that I happily brag about to this day.

    Thank you, Spa Eastman!

  10. Found it great. Was very pleasantly surprised by the amazing and varied food. Staff very warm and open. We actually had brought some food with us becasue we were unsure of the quality of food after refering to internet site. Food was so amazing that we have changed our diet as a result. I am a carnivore, but I specially appreciated being introduced to protiens in algae-that was actually edible (ha ha!!). Course on health was very scientific given by Ilona. Woill return and take a few less treatments. Yahoo…I can bring my dog too!

  11. What a great experience. A place that you can truly relax and feel like you are in the confort of your own home. The service and staff are outstanding. A double FIVE STAR for Spa Eastman

  12. I recently returned to Spa Eastman for a 2 night stay. I have been many times (3 times a year) for 15 years and each time is still magical. It is like no other place. The setting is beautiful countryside , but it is only 5 minutes from the highway. The food is gourmet and varied. I have been able to try many new foods at the buffet. Everything is very fresh. The staff is very professional and attentive. Everything is spotless. My French is very limited, but the staff is able to speak English to make me feel comfortable if I am alone or if someone has accompanied me.
    If you have never been to Spa Eastman, go. You will not regret it.

  13. Throughout my travels, I have been to many spas around the world. My visits to Eastman always felt like home away from home. The place is meticulously managed and the people who serve are the kindest I have ever met. The treatments are highly professional and Ms. Dubuc, who is the president of the Spa, always keeps up to date with various innovations. The forest offers serenity and it is meticulously maintained. I had only wonderful experiences in Spa Eastman, which I will recommend whole-heartedly to people who are looking for a spa in Canada.

    Avi Friedman
    Professor of Architecture
    McGill University

  14. Bonjour M. Friedman,

    Thank you so much for your comments! In fact, you are mentioning some of our most precious treasures: the fantastic forest that surrounds Spa Eastman and the amazing people of our teams. We are proud (and I am touched) that Spa Eastman really became your “home away from home”.

    Until your next visit… take care!


  15. Dear Spa Eastman (Montreal Downtown)

    Today I went for my first “spa treatment” ever. I was in a brand new environment and was frankly not expecting anything over the top. One always hears about bad spa experiences and I thought maybe I was at a similar location. To my most pleasant surprise, the environment was welcoming and calm. The staff was more than happy to answer any of my questions and relay me to my next point in my journey.
    The treatments were thorough, relaxing and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. I felt positively rich. The snacks were very tasty and the staff was very generous with offering them.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience!
    Special thanks to Francoise and Manon, You were both wonderful.


  16. Elixir from the heart says it all about my Spa Eastman experience.

  17. I spent the day at the Spa Eastman in Montreal. I had previously visited the other Spa Eastman and was very pleased. I expected the same level of professionalism in the Montreal setting. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with the facility. It was not as clean or refined as anticipated. For instance, the changing area was dismal, at best. The salon was disheveled. The pictures of water were not refilled all day. I watched the level of lemons and cucumber go down but no fresh water poured in all day long. The hot water was literally cold and I had to ask for tea water. The service rooms were fine, the staff was fine, a bit of a language barrier but not to the fault of the spa. The make-up artist shocked me. She asked what my usual colors were; I told her browns and olives and conservative. She applied pink, blue and enough eye liner to make me have to hurry back to my motel and wash it off. I didn’t want anybody familiar to me to see me look so ridiculous! This is NOT an exaggeration! The bathrooms were not what I expected. No toiletries provides, little ambiance, rough towels. Staff goofing around in the back room, out of site of clients but within earshot. I guess I was expecting a peaceful, relaxing time.

  18. Dear Mrs,

    I am deeply sorry to hear about your disappointment. Of course, our downtown location has nothing to do with our Eastern Townships location. We wish we could offer similar facilities, but in the meantime, it’s not exactly our first goal. With this Spa Eastman located in the heart of Montreal business center, we aim to offer Eastman’s clientele an easy access to our professionnal services and to Spa Eastman highly skilled massage therapists. From your comment, we understand that some of our package may sound as if one can really find the whole Eastman’s atmosphere, which is obviously not exactly the case. We will certainly consider your comment and take this opportunity to present our offer in other words.

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. It is really important to us.

    Nathalie Roy
    Spa Director

  19. The place is well managed and the people who serve are the kindest I have ever met and very knowledgeable. The treatments are highly professional and my favorite was the hamman. Madame Dubuc, the owner of the Spa is outstanding for her availability, creativity and true passion for her spa. The forest offers serenity and it is meticulously maintained. I had only wonderful experiences in Spa Eastman, which I will recommend whole-heartedly to people who are looking for a “real” spa. I have been to many spas around the world through my travels and my visit to Eastman was the best.

  20. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for health food stores orlando

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